Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
2003/Elect(TRS)/ 225/7 Pt.I Induction of Motorman in Metro Railway, Kolkata from other Zonal Railways as on time measures 05/12/2022
PC-VII/2019/ RSRP/3 Clarification (RBE 155/2022) regarding upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres 05/12/2022
E(P&A)I-2021/DC/ JCM-2 Revival of Quarantine Leave - Para 555 of the IREC Volume-I 01/12/2022
2022/E(LR)I/ MN1-2 Minutes of the separate meeting held EDPC with Federation (NFIR) on 20.10.2022 on left over PNM Items 01/12/2022
2022/E(LR)I/ NM 1-2 Permanent Negotiating Machinery at Railway Level 11/11/2022
E(P&A)I-2021/ FE-4/2 Denial of LC Gate Allowance to the Gate Keepers/Gate Men of Operating Department in Railways 08/08/2022
E(P&A)II-2021/ Misc-3 Imposition of pay ceiling @Rs. 43600/- per month for entitlement of Night Duty Allowance to Railway employees. 08/08/2022
Circulars Representations regarding pension/ family pension etc 08/08/2022
49/2022 Allocation of subject related to Line Box of Loco Pilots Drivers to Elect (TRS) 08/08/2022
Circulars Annual Programme for the year 2022-23 For implementing the Official Language Policy. 08/08/2022
2021/Tele/11(2)/ 3(3377315) Enlarging the scope of CUG mobile scheme to cover all Railway employees 08/08/2022
E(NG)I-2022/ RE-3/1 Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit Staff, other than Running, on being appointed against alternative posts in revised (6" & 7" CPC) pay structure- PNM Item No. 21/2022. 08/08/2022
73/2022 Introduction of 100%- Objective Paper for promotional examination to expedite and simplify examination process-reiteration of instructions 08/08/2022
77/2022 Clarification whether iPad comes under the definition of personal computer for the purpose of grant of computer advance 08/08/2022
89/2022 Conduct of selections - both Rankers and LDCE quota 08/08/2022
74/2022 Reservation in promotion to Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBDs) 08/08/2022
RRB Felicitation of retired Railway employees on the occasion of 75 years of India's Independence on I5 August, 2022 under "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 08/08/2022
2020/EnHM/ 26/04 Hospital linen and Railway Bedroll washing in same laundry 08/08/2022
2019/V-1/IRVM/ 1/2 Handling of complaints on e-mail 08/08/2022
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
05/12/2022 Grant of family pension under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 to an unmarried or widowed or divorced daughters of a deceased Government servant/pensioner
01/12/2022 WUS App designed by URMU and launched by GSATFIR for utilization of Railway Employees working in the Zonal Railways & Production Units etc
05/12/2022 Incentive Bonus under Group Incentive Scheme to the Chemical and Metallurgical Superintendent (Grade Pay Rs. 4600/- in Rail Wheel Factory (RWF), Yelahanka
05/12/2022 Inadequate supply of Safety Shoes & Uniform Shirt to the staff of Track Machine Organization on Indian Railways
05/12/2022 Upgradation of pay structure of Supervisory cadres of Indian Railways working in Pay Level7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix (PB-2/GP 4600)-II
05/12/2022 Denial of minimum pay to the Senior Nursing Superintendents (Nursing Sisters) on Railways
05/12/2022 Item No.27lSCl22 - JCM (Staff Side) demand to rescind OM No. 1/I/2020-E.II (B) dated 2310412020 regarding freezing of DA/DR.
01/12/2022 Coverage under Railway Service (Pension) Rules 1993 in place of National Pension System of those employees whose selection was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 0l
01/12/2022 GS/NFlR's GS/NFlR meeting with Hon'ble Minster of Railways on 25-10-2022 at Rail Bhavan, New Delhimeeting with Hon'ble Minster of Railways on 25'l'October 2022 at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi
01/12/2022 Reservation on Railwav Passes/PTOs.
01/12/2022 Board of Arbitration Award in CA No. 3/2001 - Allotment of proper revised pay Scale to categories of Sr.Auditors, Sr.Accountants, Head crerks & Accountants Assistants in Ministries/Departments
01/12/2022 Eligibility of compassionate appointee matriculates to the post of JE in various engineering departments under 25Yo intermediate Apprentice Quota
01/12/2022 Grant of family pension under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 2021 to child or sibling of a deceased Government servant/pensioner suffering from a mental or physical disability-reg.
01/12/2022 Upgradation. of pay structure of Supervisory cadres of Indian Railways working in Pay Level-7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix 7 (PB -2/GP 4600)
01/12/2022 General Budget 2023-2024 - NFIR's proposals for consideration
01/12/2022 Avenue of promotion to the Lecturers of Railway Junior College against the posts of Lecturer of Railway Degree College - South Central Railway
01/12/2022 Upgradation of pay structure of Supervisory cadres of Indian Railways working in Pay Level-7 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix (PB-2/GP 4600)-leftover categories
01/12/2022 Change of Dress Code for the categories of Trains Clerks, Maintainer (Signal) & Maintainer (Telecom)
01/12/2022 Reduction of Beat Length for patrolling of Railway track
30/11/2022 Upgradation of pay structure of certain cadres
09/11/2022 NFIR's discussion with Chairman & CEO, Railway Board on 09th November,2022
08/08/2022 Denial of compassionate ground appointment to the widows/wards of deceased/medically decategorised Railway employees against vacancies in ministerial and NTPC categories
08/08/2022 Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit staff, other than Running, on appointment against alternative posts in revised (6" & 7" CPC) paystructure
22/07/2022 Lack of promotional opportunities to the Pointsman category of Operating Department
13/07/2022 Restoration of Night Duty Allowance with retrospective effect
08/07/2022 Provision of Trolley Bags to Loco Pilots and Train Managers
08/07/2022 PREM Members - Secretarial Assistance
08/07/2022 Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 of these Central Government employees who appeared for examination of 2003 but joined service after 01/01/2004
08/07/2022 Formulating a new Safety Related Retirement Scheme - recommendations of the committee
08/07/2022 Accumulation of Earned Leave/Leave on Average Pay (LAP) beyond the ceiling of 300 days
08/07/2022 Filling up the posts of SWLI in Level-6 (GP 4200) against 35% quota
08/07/2022 Fixation of pay on promotion in 6th CPC Pay Structure - Deprival of annual increment to those promoted prior to 31/12/2006,but relieved after 01/01/2007
08/07/2022 Need for restoration of discontinued Allowances - Daily Officiating Allowance to staff in Railways
08/07/2022 Revision of designation of erstwhile Group 'D' categories
05/07/2022 Extension of Contract engagement/re-engagement of para-medical staff against vacant posts in Medical Department on Indian Railways
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