Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
2007/Elect (TRS)/ 440/14 (Co-Driver) Review of Co-Drivers 27/11/2020
82/2020 Operational guidelines for NPS Tier II-Tax Saver Scheme 13/10/2020
E(NG)I/2014/ TR/17 Filling up of posts in ongoing electrification,proiects undertaken by CORE 08/10/2020
154/2020 Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, {993, in place of National Pension System (NPS) 08/10/2020
E(NG)I/2020/ TR/16 Inter railway Request transfer-Hardships faced by the staff 04/10/2020
81/2020 Clarification on reckoning of re-promotion of an employee fixed under FR 22(1)(a)(2) for the purpose of financial upgradation under MACPS 27/09/2020
Office Memo Fixation of pay on grant of benefit under MACPS - Extension of the benefit of entry level pay 19/09/2020
79/2020 Filling up of posts in ongoing electrification projects undertaken by CORE 19/09/2020
2017/Trans/ 01/Policy Online Allotment of Officers Rest House, Holiday Homes,Cammunity Centres/Halls 14/09/2020
S.11011/12/ 2020-EHS Extention of reimbursement of OPD medicines 07/09/2020
E(G)2020/LE 2/1 interim procedure for regularisation of absence during covid-19 lockdown period 03/09/2020
72/2020 Relaxation of Rule 96 of Railway Services (Pension) Rules' 1993 29/08/2020
E(G)2019/RN 2-13 Subletting of railway quarters - action to be taken by DRMs 29/08/2020
71/2020 Grant of promotion with retrospective effect 29/08/2020
73/2020 Grant of disability pension 29/08/2020
70/2020 Protectionof pay on appointment to new post 29/08/2020
E(G)2020/ LE 2/1 absence during covid-19 24/08/2020
E(G)2020/ LE 2/1 Clarification on regularization of absence 21/08/2020
64/2020 Policy of Appointment of TADK on the Railways. 21/08/2020
52/2020 Review of policy 21/08/2020
2013/E(LR)III/ LR/FAC/ Deputation of railway staff 21/08/2020
E(D&A)2008 RG 6-29 Submission of disciplinary cases 21/08/2020
2013/CE-II/ TK/IRPWM Adoption of redrafted IRPWM 21/08/2020
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
13/10/2020 Coverage under Old Pension scheme in place of NPS for those employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 1.1.2004, but joined Railway serviee on or after1.1.2004
13/10/2020 Discussions held with the Hon'ble Railway Minister and CRB on 11th October, 2020 at Rail Bhavan
08/10/2020 Elimination of line boxes of Loco Pilots & Guards and introduction of Trolley Bags and TABs
08/10/2020 Reduction in the amount of NDA in 7th CPC as compared to 6th CPC and imposition of pay ceiling at Rs. 43,6001- p.m. for entitlement of NDA
08/10/2020 Granting benefits under MACPS in the standard hierarchy of grade paylpay levels
08/10/2020 Aptitude test - Need to review extant instructions
04/10/2020 Comprehensive Transfer Policy for Railway Officials - Clarification relating to cooling of period between two transfers
04/10/2020 Emergency treatment in private/corporate Hospitals empaneled by Railway Administration
04/10/2020 Financial Assistance under SBF Scheme to the Engineers and Supervisory Officials of Railwavs
04/10/2020 Fixation of pay on promotion in 6th CpC -Deprival of annual increment to those promoted prior to 31/12/2005,but relieved after 01/01/2006
27/09/2020 Extension of (MACPS) to the Teaching Staff on Indian Railways
14/09/2020 Granting benefits under MACPS in the standard hierarchy of grade pay/pay levels
08/09/2020 Railwaymen Mourns the Demise of DADA JG Mahurkar, Vice president NFIR
02/09/2020 Ex-gratia payment to the families of Railway employees who caught Covid-l9
02/09/2020 GS/NFIR letter to Honourable MPs
26/08/2020 suggestionds to MR
21/08/2020 Provision for Laptop
19/08/2020 Payment of stipend
19/08/2020 Grant of financial upgradation
15/08/2020 Classification of staff
15/08/2020 RELHS-97
15/08/2020 Co-authorisation
07/08/2020 Periodical transfer of staff
07/08/2020 Reduced payment of stipend
07/08/2020 Problems encountered by Electrical and Mechanical escorting staff
07/08/2020 Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus
02/08/2020 Non-grant of increments
02/08/2020 Re-casting of channel of promotion
01/08/2020 Allotment of qualification based pay matrix
01/08/2020 Harmonization of the Cadre structure
01/08/2020 Absorption of staff
01/08/2020 Plasma treatment for COVID-19
27/07/2020 Upgradation of pay structure
25/07/2020 Enhancement of entry qualification
25/07/2020 Reduction in the amount of NDA
24/07/2020 Sangosthi (through Video Conference)
22/07/2020 Unjustified ceiling of basic pay
22/07/2020 Elimination of line boxes
22/07/2020 Provision of medical facilities
15/07/2020 Inclusion of serving Railway employees
10/07/2020 Passenger train operations
10/07/2020 Special meeting with CRB
10/07/2020 Review and updating of Railway Manual (AC Traction).
10/07/2020 Condolence message
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