Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
E(P&A)I-2021/ FE-4/2 Denial of LC Gate Allowance to the Gate Keepers/Gate Men of Operating Department in Railways 08/08/2022
E(P&A)II-2021/ Misc-3 Imposition of pay ceiling @Rs. 43600/- per month for entitlement of Night Duty Allowance to Railway employees. 08/08/2022
Circulars Representations regarding pension/ family pension etc 08/08/2022
49/2022 Allocation of subject related to Line Box of Loco Pilots Drivers to Elect (TRS) 08/08/2022
Circulars Annual Programme for the year 2022-23 For implementing the Official Language Policy. 08/08/2022
2021/Tele/11(2)/ 3(3377315) Enlarging the scope of CUG mobile scheme to cover all Railway employees 08/08/2022
E(NG)I-2022/ RE-3/1 Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit Staff, other than Running, on being appointed against alternative posts in revised (6" & 7" CPC) pay structure- PNM Item No. 21/2022. 08/08/2022
73/2022 Introduction of 100%- Objective Paper for promotional examination to expedite and simplify examination process-reiteration of instructions 08/08/2022
77/2022 Clarification whether iPad comes under the definition of personal computer for the purpose of grant of computer advance 08/08/2022
89/2022 Conduct of selections - both Rankers and LDCE quota 08/08/2022
74/2022 Reservation in promotion to Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBDs) 08/08/2022
RRB Felicitation of retired Railway employees on the occasion of 75 years of India's Independence on I5 August, 2022 under "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav 08/08/2022
2020/EnHM/ 26/04 Hospital linen and Railway Bedroll washing in same laundry 08/08/2022
2019/V-1/IRVM/ 1/2 Handling of complaints on e-mail 08/08/2022
71/2022 Nomination of PHODs in the DPCs Constituted for Selection to Group B Posts. 04/08/2022
2018-E(SCT)1/ 25/9 Reservation in promotions- Procedure to be followed prior to effecting reservations in the matter of promotions. 04/08/2022
E(W)2022/ SC/11 Revival of Railway schools wit potential- Establishing Quality Standards in Railway Schools 04/08/2022
88/2022 Travelling Allowance on transfer to/from North-Eastern Region, Union Territories of Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep Island and Ladakh- In respect of the Rail way employees 04/08/2022
E(G)2021/ CL-4/1 Celebration of the event "Azadi Ki Rail Gadi Aur Stations on Indian Railway". 22/07/2022
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
08/08/2022 Denial of compassionate ground appointment to the widows/wards of deceased/medically decategorised Railway employees against vacancies in ministerial and NTPC categories
08/08/2022 Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit staff, other than Running, on appointment against alternative posts in revised (6" & 7" CPC) paystructure
22/07/2022 Lack of promotional opportunities to the Pointsman category of Operating Department
13/07/2022 Restoration of Night Duty Allowance with retrospective effect
08/07/2022 Provision of Trolley Bags to Loco Pilots and Train Managers
08/07/2022 PREM Members - Secretarial Assistance
08/07/2022 Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 of these Central Government employees who appeared for examination of 2003 but joined service after 01/01/2004
08/07/2022 Formulating a new Safety Related Retirement Scheme - recommendations of the committee
08/07/2022 Accumulation of Earned Leave/Leave on Average Pay (LAP) beyond the ceiling of 300 days
08/07/2022 Filling up the posts of SWLI in Level-6 (GP 4200) against 35% quota
08/07/2022 Fixation of pay on promotion in 6th CPC Pay Structure - Deprival of annual increment to those promoted prior to 31/12/2006,but relieved after 01/01/2007
08/07/2022 Need for restoration of discontinued Allowances - Daily Officiating Allowance to staff in Railways
08/07/2022 Revision of designation of erstwhile Group 'D' categories
05/07/2022 Extension of Contract engagement/re-engagement of para-medical staff against vacant posts in Medical Department on Indian Railways
23/06/2022 Shortage of Doctors on some Zonal Railways - Need for issuing instructions for engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners in Railwav Hospitals/Health Units
23/06/2022 Injustice done to RE Project Staff, Southern Region consequent upon failure to implement scheme of creation and operation of Construction Reserve posts
23/06/2022 Extension of contract engagement/re-engagement of para-medical staff against vacant posts in Medical Department on Indian Railways
23/06/2022 Removal from service imposed on Loco Running Staff in cases of SPAD - Panicky situation among LPs/ALPs and CLIs
22/06/2022 Denial of 30% add-on pay element and non-consideration of pay of CLI in GP 4600lLevel-7 for calculation of pensionary benefits who died while working as CLI on Ratlam Division of Western Railway
22/06/2022 Running and manning of Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) at Railway Stations on Indian Railways - difficulties faced by Facilitators
22/06/2022 Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to the staff appointed from one cadre to another in a post carrying same Grade Pay/Level (7th CpC)
22/06/2022 Reimbursement of Medical expenses to serving/retired Railway employees - Hon'ble Supreme Court's decision
22/06/2022 Robotic surgery in Knee joint replacement - Referral provision through MOU with corporate Hospitals
22/06/2022 Letter to PM on creation of Group'C posts in safety categories
10/06/2022 surrender of posts of Stenographers in W.Rly
09/06/2022 Denial of LC gate allowance to Gate keepers/gatemen
09/06/2022 Qualification of Pay renamed as Railway Accounts Allowance-fixation benefit
09/06/2022 Contract Para-Medical staff in railways- Redressal of Grievances
09/06/2022 Grade Pay upgradation for the staff of Para medical services-implementation of VII CPC
09/06/2022 Non-grant of two additional increments to nursing personnel in NERly.
09/06/2022 cadre restructuring of Physiotherapists working in Railway Hospitals/HUs
07/06/2022 Career Opportunities of Track Maintainers
07/06/2022 Forwarding of request transfer applications of staff to other Divisions/Railways
03/06/2022 irregular denial for CG appointment to widows of medically decategorized employees
03/06/2022 Lateral Induction of Track Maintainers against earmarking quota in other categories
03/06/2022 Inclusion of Widowed sister/Divorced sister in complimentary pass
03/06/2022 cadre Restructuring of certain Group'C staff-Artisan Staff-Extension of option period for switching over to 7th CPC Pay Matrix
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