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RBE No Description Date
2021/E(LR)III/ REF/NFIR/3 Augmenting Railway Health care Infrastructure to fight Covid-2019 21/05/2021
2020/E(GR)II/ 1/3 Engagement of Medical Practitioners(CMPs) over and above vacancies to contain spread of Covid-19 pandemic 07/05/2021
2021/JDRS(M)/ 2021-22/1 Procurement and railwaywise distribution of Remdesivir Injuctions 07/05/2021
PC-VII/2020/ HRMS/16 Implementation of various modules of HRMS 26/04/2021
29/2021 Clarification regarding Pass/Travel entitlements 21/04/2021
2017/Sec(CCB)/210/ Standing Order/108 Guidelines for closure of Special Occurrence Reports and Procedure to be followed 21/04/2021
E(P&A)II/2018/ FE-2/5 payment of Hospital Patient Care Allowance/PCA 10/04/2021
E(NG)I-2020/TR/2 Cancellation of Periodical Transfer of Staff 10/04/2021
Office Memo Order of SC regarding benefits of promotional hierarchy under MACPS and other issues 10/04/2021
E(NG)II/2005/ RC-5/SC/2 Pt.1 Initial pay fixation of re-employed ex-servicemen who held post below the Commissioned officer Rank in Defence forces and retired before the age of 55 years and re-employed in railways 30/03/2021
E(NG)II/2005/ RC-4/SC/2 Pt.1 Engagement of retired paramedical staff in Group'C and hiring of paramedical staff in group'c 30/03/2021
40-3/2020- DM-I(A) covid-19 guidelines upto 01.04.2021 30/03/2021
F(X)I/2002/11/2 Revision of flat rate of license fee (standard Rent) for residential accommodation all over Indian Railways w.e.f.01.07.2020 16/03/2021
E(P&A)II/2016/ F.E/4/2 Non-payment of HPSA/PCA to the Kitchen Staff & Pharmacists working in the Railway Hospitals (PNM/NFlR item No.12/2016) 16/03/2021
15/2021 formation of extended panels for Selection/LDCEs for promotion to Group'B Posts 07/03/2021
16/2021 Eligibilty criteria for selection to the post of commercial-cum-ticketclerk,GP Rs.2000 against 33&1/3% and 16&2/3%quota 07/03/2021
PC-VII/2021/HRMS/ 13/FEDERATIONS Issues raised by Federations in the implementation of HRMS modules 01/03/2021
ERB-I/2021/ 23/08 Committee to carry out holistic exercise to assess locomotive requirement 23/02/2021
E(NG)I-2021/ DP/2 Temporary deputation of Coordinators (Admin)/Assistant Haj Officer/Haj assistant to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2021 20/02/2021
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
23/05/2021 cancellation of periodical transfers of staff till 31st March 2022 due to Covid Pandemic
23/05/2021 coverage under old pension scheme to those ALPs whose Psycho test was done in 2003 but results published after 1.1.2004
23/05/2021 Opportunity for Artisan Helpers as JE(P.Way) against 20% LDCE
21/05/2021 Vaccination of Railway employees and their family members, particularly 18-45 years
21/05/2021 Date of next increment under rule 10 of CCS(RP) rules 2016
07/05/2021 Covid-19 pandemic second wave-need for improving the Railway Health Care Infrastructure.
07/05/2021 grant of 5400 GP to SSOs/Sr.TIAs/Sr.ISAs of Accounts as recommended by 7th CPC
07/05/2021 letter Railway Minister requesting grant of COVID Allowance
26/04/2021 Vaccination to Railway employees and their family members
21/04/2021 guidelines to fight against Covid-19 pandemic
10/04/2021 Revised Training Modules of Non-Gazetted Staff of Electrical Department
10/04/2021 Revised option for Date of next increment under Rule 10 of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2016
30/03/2021 Merger of Dearness Allowance with the Basic Pay w.e.f. 0l/04/2004 - Computation of emoluments of Running Staff for granting retirement benefits
30/03/2021 Engagement of retired para-medical staff (in Group 'C') and hiring of para-medical staff (in Group 'C') on contract basis - Surge in Covid-19 cases in many States-reg.
30/03/2021 Provision of GP 42001- in PB-2llevel 6 of 7th CPC to the Dressers/OT Assistants working in Railway Hospitals/Health Units
23/03/2021 Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS from 01.01.2016 to the Station Masters
23/03/2021 Cancellation of periodical transfer of staff on Zonal Railways etc.,- reg.
23/03/2021 Ban on creation of posts in Railways - Review requested
16/03/2021 Treating GP 4200 Level-6 as entry pay for the purpose of granting financial upgradation under MACPS to the IT Cadre staff over Indian Railways
01/03/2021 Grant of 3rd MACPS with GP 5400/Level-9 of Pay Matrix to the former Track Supervisors subsequently upgraded as JE/P.Way GP 4200lLevel-6 of pay matrix in Railways
01/03/2021 Standing Committee Meeting of NC/JCM held between the JCM/Staff Side and the Government on 26/02/202I
23/02/2021 Cancellation of periodical transfer of staff on Zonal Railways and Production Units
23/02/2021 Counting of promotion for the purpose of MACPS for those employees who sought transfer on reversion from one seniority unit/organization to another
23/02/2021 Eligibility for selection against 33 1/3 % promotion quota of Ticket Examiner/Commercial Clerk in 6th CPC Grade Pay 2000/Level-3
20/02/2021 Elimination of line boxes of Loco Pilots and Guards over Indian Railways
20/02/2021 Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to the Station Masters subsequently absorbed in other categories due to medical de-categorisation or selection/lateral induction
20/02/2021 PCO Allowance to staff of Production Control Organizations in Workshops/PUs.
20/02/2021 Grant of increments to the employees stagnating at the maximum of the Pay Band/Scale under 7th CPC Pay Structure
20/02/2021 Counting of Training period imparted to the Railways employees before appointment for the purpose of granting benefits under ACP and MACP Schemes
20/02/2021 Issues discussed by GS/NFIR with DG/HR, Railway Board, Rail Bhavan on 16/02/2021
20/02/2021 Issuance of UMMID cards to the retired staff under NPS
20/02/2021 Engagement of Consultants (Contractual) in the dispensaries functioning under 'Staff Benefit Fund' (SBF) scheme
20/02/2021 NFIR's discussion with the CRB on 10/0212021on pending staff grievances
20/02/2021 Promotion of Pointsmen category from GP 1800/Level I to GP 1900/Level 2 on completion of residency period of 2 years
08/02/2021 Agenda Points for NC (JCM) and Standing Committee
23/01/2021 Eligibility for selection against 33% promotional quota of Ticket Examiners/commercial clerks GP-2000/level-3
19/01/2021 Amendment in pass rules to provide for issuing Passes/PTOs in digitised/electronic mode
12/01/2021 Vaccination of front line staff of Railway department on first priority
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