Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
78/2016 Grant of benefit of increment falling due during leave period in the case of a Government Servant who dies while on leave. 13/07/2016
82/2016 Fixation of Pay of existing Group 'D' employees in the revised pay structure-clarification. 13/07/2016
80/2016 Revision of the existing rates of Daily Officiating Allowance in the pay structure recommended by the VI Central Pay Commission. 13/07/2016
2008/H/5/18(A) PNM/NFIR item No.25/2012 : Periodical Medical Examination - relaxation for Loco Pilots and Guards declared with TYPE II diabetes. & DC/JCM item No.25/2009 : Pre-Medical Examination - Relaxation for Loco Pilots declared with TYPE II Diabetes. 07/07/2016
2016/E(LR)II/1/7 Discussion on pending issues. 07/07/2016
2016/G/31/1 Railway Board Circular on change of date of holiday from 06.07.2016 to 07.07.2016. 05/07/2016
12/10/2016-JCA2 Change of date of holiday on account of Id-ul-Fitr during 2016 for all Central Government administrative offices located at Delhi / New Delhi. 05/07/2016
ERB-I/2016/23/33 Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a Committee to work out the modalities for implementing the SPARROW system and for adopting the formats of APARs on the lines of DOP&T. 05/07/2016
ERB-I/2009/23/44 Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a One Man Committee on infrastructure and innovation. 04/07/2016
E(P&A)II-2009/RS-17 Scheme of filling up the posts of Loco Running supervisors. 04/07/2016
2006/M(L)/467/2 Supply of subsidized meal/food to the running staff upward revision urged 04/07/2016
76/2016 Out-of-turn promotions to outstanding aportspersons/coaches for excellence in the field of sports - clarification 04/07/2016
2015/E(LR)I/NMI-17 Summary Record Note of Discussions held by Board (MS & FC) with Federation (NFIR) on 17.05.2016 on PNM/NFIR Item No.15/2013 : Ratification of MACPS anomalies - Stepping up of Pay of Senior incumbents at par with Juniors - Item No.8 of Minutes of meeting held on 27.07.2012 at North Block, New Delhi. 03/07/2016
2016-E(SCT)I/31/1 Verification/acceptance of Caste Certificates produced by candidates. 02/07/2016
73/2016 Fixation of pay of State Government Employees on appointment to the posts under the administrative control of Ministry of Railways. 02/07/2016
62/2016 State Railway Provident Fund - Rate of Interest during the year 2016-17 (April,2016-June,2016). 02/07/2016
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
22/07/2016 Cadre restructuring in Group 'C' Cadres - Cashiers (Supervisory)
22/07/2016 Award to Railway Staff for Accident-free service - Coverage of S&T Staff
22/07/2016 Supply of Safety Jackets to the Staff of S&T Department
22/07/2016 Non-grant of benefit arising out of fixation of pay of Pharmacist on placement in GP 4200/- (PB-2) on non-functional basis
22/07/2016 Counting of full service rendered by the causal labour after attaining temporary status till regularization for pensionary and retirement benefits.
13/07/2016 Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC - Fitment Factor and Pay Fixation for Running Staff.
07/07/2016 PNM Meetings at the level of Railway Board.
06/07/2016 Govt Agrees to Important Charter of Demands of NJCA Constitutes a High Level Committee.
04/07/2016 Appendix 3 IREM Examination of 2015-Results-reg.
03/07/2016 Executive Summary of Pilot Project on "Conversion of Financial Statements from Cash basis to Accrual basis at NWR, Jaipur.
02/07/2016 Charter of demands - Indefinite Strike from 11th July 2016.
01/07/2016 Charter of demands - Indefinite Strike from 11th July 2016.
30/06/2016 Letter addressed to Minister for Railways (Both Federations NFIR & AIRF) on Charter of Demands, mainly minimum wage, multiplier factor, railway specific issues etc. - serious resentment among Railway employees against the Government's decisions.
29/06/2016 Press Note issued by General Secretary/NFIR.
29/06/2016 7th CPC Recommendations.
28/06/2016 Replacement of terminology "Medical Decategorization" as "Alternate Employment on medical ground" in Chapter-XIII, IREM,Vol-I (Revised Edition 1989), first reprint edition 2009, Arbitrary decision of Health Directorate in gross violation of DC/JCM agreement.
27/06/2016 Joint letter by NFIR & AIRF addressed to Member Staff, Railway Board on Induction of Course Completed Act Apprentices against Safety vacancies in Railways.
27/06/2016 National seminar on 'Safety in Indian Railways - Role of S&T Department' held on 28th May 2016 at Secunderabad, South Central Railway.
27/06/2016 Service of Strike Notice by the affiliated Unions to respectives GMs and copy endorsed to the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central etc.).
25/06/2016 Indefinite Strike from 11th July 2016.
24/06/2016 Exemption from passing the Typewriting Test - DoP&T's instructions not implemented in Railways.
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