• At the desk of Divisinal Secretary of WRMS – Baroda – 1977
  • Union cabinet Minister of Power Hon’ble Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia meet GS/WRMS (J.G.MAHURKAR) at BARODA.

Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
IV/NFIR/FDI/IR Gazette notification - Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. 30/08/2014
Simplification of rules/procedures on withdrawals from Provident Fund by Railway Employees. 29/08/2014
First meeting of the Fast Track Committee will be held on 29/08/2014 at 15.00Hrs. 27/08/2014
Meeting of Board with Federations - FDI regarding on 08/09/2014 27/08/2014
E(NG)I-2011/CFP/1 DC/JCM Item No.26/2011 : Implementation of the recommendations of Group 'D' Staff Promotion Committee (Ansari Committee). 23/08/2014
Policy regarding participation of Indian Railways Personnel in Meditation/Yoga/Spiritual and other related programmes. 21/08/2014
Grant of Study Leave to officers of Railway Medical service for prosecuting Post Graduation course. 20/08/2014
97/TG-V/13/3 Revision of norms for manning coaches by the Ticket Checking Staff. 19/08/2014
Implementation of Recommendations of 6th CPC - Merger of grades - Revised Classification and mode of filling up of Non-Gazetted posts-Scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31.12.2013. 19/08/2014
/PRS Terminal
Introduction of Scheme for establishment and operation of Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK). 13/08/2014
Sub Group of PREM on Training 13/08/2014
2014/LMB-II/1/I(A) Change of system of maintenance of railway colonies. 11/08/2014
3/9/2014-JCA Record Note of the meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) held on 7th May,2014. 07/08/2014
Posting of Government employees who have differently ablel dependents.-Reg 06/08/2014
ERB-I/2014/23/16 Improvement in pay scales of staff working in Artificial Limb centre of central Hospital of N.Railway.Reg 05/08/2014
ERB-I/2014/23/16 ORDER: Fast track Committee constituted to resolve issues which could not be deliberated in meetings by federations. 05/08/2014
Resolutions adopted in 214th NFIR WCM held at Bhopal. 04/08/2014
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
29/08/2014 Norms/Procedures for future promotion to the unified cadre of Track Maintainers.
28/08/2014 Qualification pay to Accounts staff on passing Appendix III (IREM) examination – recitation of anomaly-reg
25/08/2014 Structural Reforms in Railways - Hon'ble MR's announcement through the Rail Budget 2014-15
25/08/2014 New Catering Policy - Departmental Catering Service/job Security and regularization of Commission Bearers/Vendors and Helpers - appointment to the next kins of disable/medical invalidation Commission Bearers/Vendors/Helpers.
25/08/2014 Extension of tenure of Contract Medical Practioners (CMPs).
25/08/2014 Upgradation of posts from Group 'C' to Group 'B' Gazetted in Railways.
22/08/2014 Provision of companion on 2nd Class Complimentary Pass to the Senior Citizens (retired railway employees).
22/08/2014 Constitution of Committee for evolving a new formula for calculation of PLB on Indian Railways.
20/08/2014 Introduction of Scheme for establishment and operation of Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK).
19/08/2014 No dues certificate for payment of charges on account of Office Rent, Electricity, Telephone and Water Bills till 31/12/2012.
19/08/2014 Poor quality of cloth supplied for the Uniforms of Loco Pilots on Western and other Zonal Railways.
19/08/2014 Classification of "Call Boy" as safery category for consideration under LARSGESS.
19/08/2014 Implementation of LARSGESS-coverage of scheme to Track Maintainers working in GP Rs.1900/-.
19/08/2014 Incorrect cancellation of on-going selection for the post of Technician-III in Mech (C&W) Dept. on Waltair Division of ECo Railway.
19/08/2014 Denial of proper wages, regulation of working hours, holidays etc to the contract workers employed in Railways - violation of Contract Labour Act.
19/08/2014 Indigeneous system of medicine - Homeopathic/Ayurvedic dispensaries - Revised policy.
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