Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
ERB-I/2018 /23/04 Constitution of Committee to organize functions related to 63rd Railway Week National Awards 2018. 12/02/2018
A(E)/A3/ 2017/11/1 Appendix-III qualifying examination for promotion to the rank of SO(A/cs)/ISA etc. 12/02/2018
2016/E(LR)III /REF/NFIR/3 225th Working Committee of NFIR to be held from 12th -14th March 2018 at New Delhi. 07/02/2018
2017/Trans/01 /Policy Process Reforms - Improving Delivery & Performance. 03/02/2018
2017/Trans/01 /Policy Amendment to Railway Board Transformation Cell's letter No.2017/Trans/01/Policy Dated 16.11.2017 on Process Reforms Improving Delivery and Performance with regard to registration of vigilance cases. 03/02/2018
10/2018 Recommendations of the 7th CPC - Implementation of decision relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance. 03/02/2018
12/2018 Extension of benefit of Grade Pay of Rs.4200 (Non-functional) to staff working in the cadre of Pharmacist in case of transfer on own request. 03/02/2018
2017/E(LR)I /NM1-3 PNM/NFIR meeting held on 13th & 14th November,2017 - Discussions on some of the left over items. 01/02/2018
15/2018 Revision of the rates of Hospital Patient Care Allowance (HPCA) and Patient Care Allowance (PCA) to Railway employees working in Railway Hospitals and Health Units/Clinics. 01/02/2018
06/2018 Amendments in the norms of minimum qualifications for recruitment/promotion of teachers for classes I to VIII in Railway Schools (Primary and Trained Graduate Teachers). 30/01/2018
PC-VI/2009 /I/1/3 Revision of designation of erstwhile Group 'D' staff. 30/01/2018
205/2017 Decision of the Cabinet for enhancement of age of superannuation of Dental Doctors under Ministry of Railways. 30/01/2018
E(LL)/2015 /PNM/AIRF/1 Provisions in respect of the Contract Workers on IR. 30/01/2018
2012/E(RRB) /27/30 Filling up of vacancies on Indian Railways. 29/01/2018
2018/Transf.cell /Good Works Portal Hosting of Rail Good Works Portal on Indian Railways Website. 29/01/2018
2013/CE-II /CS/3 Correction Slip No.141 to the Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual. 29/01/2018
Minute of Meetings Minutes of the Meeting of the Departmental Council of Railways (JCM) held on 23rd & 24th October,2017. 27/01/2018
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
13/02/2018 Denial of Leave Salary duly reckoning 30% of 7th CPC pay for Running Staff.
13/02/2018 Appendix-III A qualifying examination for promotion to the rank of SO(A/cs)/ISA etc.
12/02/2018 Implementation of cadre restructuring in the gazetted setup of IT Cadre on Indian Railways.
12/02/2018 selection procedure for empanelment to the post of Loco Inspectors - Review requested.
12/02/2018 Action Plan for relocation of Major Printing Presses in Railways.
10/02/2018 NFIR's Meeting with Hon'ble Railway Minister Shri. Piyush Goyal.
07/02/2018 Meeting of Federations (NFIR) with Member Staff and DG (Personnel) on 7th February,2018.
07/02/2018 Revision of Kilometrage rates and other Allowances of Running Staff - Summary Record note of discussions held on 04th and 05th January 2018.
05/02/2018 Payment of Hospital Patient Care Allowance (HPCA) / Patient Care Allowance (PCA) to the Railway Employees working in Railway Hospitals and Health Units/Clinics - revision of rates as per 7th CPC.
01/02/2018 Discussions of GS/NFIR held with Railway Board on 31/01/2018.
31/01/2018 Hard and strenuous working conditions faced by Track Maintainers while performing duties of Keymen/Patrolmen, Gate Keepers etc.
31/01/2018 Decentralization of ministerial cadre in RPF.
31/01/2018 Training period of wards of deceased/medically decategorised railway employees appointed on compassionate grounds as Technician Gr-III in erstwhile GP 1900/Pay Level-2 of 7th CPC.
30/01/2018 Recruitment of staff in Level-1 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix on Indian Railways - criteria for Physical Efficiency.
30/01/2018 Committee constituted to examine issues of PNM/NFIR agenda item No.23/2015 regarding change of category of Female Track Maintainers.
30/01/2018 Incorrect fixation of pay in the Non-Functional Grade (GP 4200/-) in the case of Pharmacists working in the Medical Department on Indian Railways.
30/01/2018 Merger of Gazetted cadre of Public Relations Department with TT & C Department on Indian Railways.
29/01/2018 Reckoning Grade Pay Rs.4200/Level 6 of 7th CPC Pay Matrix as entry Grade Pay for granting financial upgradation under MACPS to Station Masters category in Railways.
29/01/2018 Revision of hourly rates of Incentive Bonus and Bonus Factor of Workshop/PUs in respect of staff governed under CRJ pattern/GIS.
29/01/2018 Grant of financial upgradation under MACPS to SSE-Drawing (formerly Diploma Holder Tracers) appointed against DR quota vacancies as Assistant Draftsman.
29/01/2018 Initial Pay fixation of re-employed ex-servicement who held posts below Commissioned Officer Rank in Defence Forces, retired before attaining the age of 55 years and have been appointed on re-employment basis in civilian posts in Railways.
29/01/2018 Upgradation of posts in Railways recommended by 7th CPC - clearance of DoP&T and MoF.
29/01/2018 Decentralization of Ministerial Cadre in RPF.
29/01/2018 Headquarters rest of Running Staff - Intervention requested for reviewing existing instructions.
21/01/2018 Additional Member (Commercial), Railway Board's Communication dated 19.01.2018 to General Managers of All Indian Railways etc.
15/01/2018 Implementation of IREM provisions for assignment of seniority to Group 'B' Officers promoted to Group 'A' in organized services.
15/01/2018 Counselling of Train Guards - provision of "Guards' Counsellor" on Zonal Railways.
11/01/2018 Appendix III qualifying examination for promotion to the rank of SO(A/cs)/ISA etc.
11/01/2018 Revision of Pension of pre-2016 Pensioners/Family Pensioners pursuant to Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC - Concordance Tables for pension revision to the former Running Staff.
11/01/2018 Norms for manning coaches by the Ticket Checking Staff - Implementation of commitment.
11/01/2018 Simultaneus creation of posts of Ticket Checking Staff when new trains are introducced or runs extended.
09/01/2018 Railway Board's instructions on "LARSGESS" - Implementation of Hon'ble Supereme Court's order dated 08/01/2018 in SLP (C) Diary No.(s) 37460/2017.
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