Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
24/2017 Grant of TA/DA to Retired Railway Servants, re-engaged after retirement. 25/03/2017
2017/E(LR)III/ Ref/RB/1 Measures to Improve Safety on Indian Railways - Date Extended. 20/03/2017
E(G)2013 /EM 1-5 Fixation of Pay of re-employed pensioners treatment of Military Service Pay (MSP) - reg. 17/03/2017
E(NG)I-2008/ PM1/6 Part Conducting of ON-LINE written test for GDCE. 08/03/2017
16/2017 Grant of Dearness Relief to CPF beneficiaries in receipt of ex-gratia payment w.e.f. 01.01.2016. 08/03/2017
ERB-I/2017/ 23/07 Ministry of Railways constituted a Committee for reviewing the Financial Ratios of Indian Railways. 08/03/2017
ERB-I/2017/ 23/08 Ministry of Railways constituted a Committee to review the Training period of Promotee Junior Engineers of Electrical Department. 08/03/2017
14/2017 Grant of Transport Allowance at double the normal rates to deaf and dumb employees of Railways. 08/03/2017
EP&A-II/2006/ RS-28 Merger of Dearness Allowance equal to 50% of Basic Pay w.e.f., 01.04.2004 - Reckoning as pay for Running Staff 06/03/2017
20/2017 Revised classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts - scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31-12-2016. 05/03/2017
2014/E(LR)I/ JCM2-1 Meeting of DC/JCM (Railways) fixed for 7th & 8th March,2017. 05/03/2017
15/2017 Syllabus for professional paper for selection from Group 'C' to Group 'B' posts in EDP Centres/IT Department of Railways/Production Units. 05/03/2017
17/2017 Revision in the rate of Ration Money Allowance in respect of Non-gozetted RPF/RPSF personnel. 03/03/2017
E(NG)II-2005/ RR-1/8 Recruitment to non-gazetted posts on the Railways - Adherence to prescribed qualification in recruitment from open market - clarification. 03/03/2017
57/1/2016- P&PW(B) Meeting of the , committee constituted to suggest measures for streamlining the implementation of the National Pension System for the Central Government Employees. 02/03/2017
E(NG)I-2016/ CFP/5 Promotion from GP Rs 1800 (Level 1) to GP Rs 1900 (Level 2) against 16-2/3% quota - Minimum eligibility condition of Service for selection. 01/03/2017
2016/E(LR)III/ REF/NFIR/3 222nd Working Committee Meeting of NFIR to be held from 20th to 22nd March 2017 at New Delhi. 01/03/2017
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
23/03/2017 Holding of Appendix-III Examination - Postponement Requested.
22/03/2017 Railways unconstitutional order dated 30.01.2017
18/03/2017 Meeting of the Committee constituted to suggest measures for streamlining the implementation of the National Pension System (NPS) for Central Government Employees.
17/03/2017 Hard working conditions and inadequate training infrastructure - S&T Staff subjected to severe hardships - Remedial action requested.
08/03/2017 Joint letter by both Federations addressed to Chiarman, Railway Board on "Measures to improve Safety on Indian Railways".
07/03/2017 Railway Board's order dated 30.01.2017 curbing workers' rights - Walkout by Federations from DC/JCM meeting today i.e., 07.03.2017.
06/03/2017 Denial of Over Time payment to the Supervisors when called out in connection on with Accidents Brake Down duties
06/03/2017 Replacement of terminology "Medical Decategorisation" as "Alternate Employment on medical ground" in Chapter-XIII, IREM, Vol-I (Revised Edition 1989), first reprint edition 2009, arbitrary decision of Health Directorate in gross violation of DC/JCM agreement.
06/03/2017 Implementation of 7th CPC Pay Matrices - Pay fixation to staff - Anomaly resulting less pay to senior in comparison with junior.
05/03/2017 Agenda items for next meeting of Standing Committee of NC (JCM).
23/02/2017 Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years condition for Ex-Servicemen appointed on Indian Railways.
21/02/2017 NFIR's agenda for PNM meeting to be held with the Railway Board.
21/02/2017 Comprehensive transfer policy - exemption from 5 years condition
21/02/2017 Imposition of penalties of 'Dismissal/Removal or Reduction in rank" on employees in Railways - violation of provisions of the Constitution of India
21/02/2017 Selection for the post of Law Assistants in GP 46001-(PB-2).
20/02/2017 Change in the staffing pattern of different categories in Traffic and Commercial Departments viz. ASMs, Sm, Guards, TCs etc - Lack of career growth of pointsman category.
20/02/2017 Grant of financial up-gradation under MACPS in the promotional hierarchy-(instead of Grade Pay hierarchy) - Item No.3 Record Note of discussion held between the Federation and EDs Railway Board on 12/10/2015 on MACPS anomalies.
20/02/2017 Induction of Course Completed Act Apprentices in Railways.
16/02/2017 Staff Benefit Fund - Amendment of provisions relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund - Chapter 8 of IREC Vol.I. 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition-2003).
16/02/2017 Joint Letter by NFIR & AIRF addressed to Chairman, Railway Board on Measures to improve Safety on Indian Railways.
14/02/2017 Measures to improve safety on Indian Railways.
14/02/2017 Acute shortage of Railway Doctors on Zones and Production Units.
14/02/2017 Payment of Over Time arrears to the staff promoted to higher Grade Pay posts under cadre restructuring w.e.f.01/11/2013 - Case of AC Escorting staff of South Western Railway.
13/02/2017 Change in staffing pattern of TC, CC & ECRC consequent to abolition/upgradation and merger of categories in view of 7th CPC recommendations.
13/02/2017 Exemption of Railways from New Pension Scheme (NPS).
09/02/2017 Physical fitness of Track Maintainers for employment in Track Maintenance.
07/02/2017 Change in staffing pattern of TC, CC & ECRC consequent to abolition/upgradation and merger of categories in view of 7th CPC recommendations.
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