Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
IV/NPS/PFRDA Under Secretary, Govt of India responds to GS/NFIR on the National Pension System. 20/08/2016
99/safety Punishment norms in cases of SPAD. 20/08/2016
99/2016 Implementation of Government's Decision on the recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission - Revision of provisions regulating pension/gratuity/commutation of pension/family pension/disability pension etc., 16/08/2016
96/2016 Restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorption in Central Public Sector Undertakings/Central Autonomous Bodies - Stepping up of notional full pension w.e.f.01.01.2006 for the purpose of Dearness relief and additional pension for old pensioners. 11/08/2016
86/2016 Correction in Para 228 of Indian Railway Establishment Manual (IREM), Volume - I (Revised Edition 1989) First Reprint Edition - 2009, ErroneousPromotions 06/08/2016
II/49/Part II Revision of designation of erstwhile Group 'D' Staff of Commercial Catering Department. 06/08/2016
NFIR/7CPC(imp) Restoration of 1/3rd commutted portion of pension 06/08/2016
NFIR/7CPC(imp) Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC (Pensioners) 06/08/2016
94/2016 Implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations-Statement of fixation of pay. 04/08/2016
93/2016 Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 - Schedule for Revised Scales of Pay. 03/08/2016
90/2016 Gazette Notification issued by Ministry of Railways on July 28, 2016 consequent upon Ministry of Finance Gazette Notification of 7th CPC issued on 25th July 2016 02/08/2016
91/2016 The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act,2013 - Submission of declarations of assets and liabilities by the Railway Servant. 02/08/2016
46/2016 Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Tickets/Rolls. 27/07/2016
II/34Part 14 Award to Railway Staff for Accident Free Service. 26/07/2016
83/2016 Verification of qualifying service after 18 years service and 5 years before retirement. 26/07/2016
2016/Mof Gazette Notification of 7th CPC Revised Pay Rules issued by Ministry of Finance. 26/07/2016
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
23/08/2016 Induction of Course Completed Act Apprentices in the Railways against safety category vacancies in GP Rs.1800/- (PB-1).
23/08/2016 Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC - Fitment Factor and Pay Fixation for Running Staff.
22/08/2016 Sahayak (Licensed Porters) in Railways.
22/08/2016 Placement of Pharmacists in the Entry Grade Pay of Rs.4200/-(NFG) on completion of 2 years service in GP Rs.2800/-.
22/08/2016 Review of extant policy for formation of panesl by RRBs/RRCs for ensuring manning of posts in the interest of efficiency and safety standards in Railways.
22/08/2016 Provision of Scanner Machines for detection of fake currency notes at Booking, Reservation, Parcel and Goods Offices.
22/08/2016 Medical examination of candidates for recruitment on compassionate ground appointments etc., found diabetic in first medical examination.
18/08/2016 Filling up of supervisory posts of Accounts Department.
16/08/2016 Need for revision of hourly rates of incentive bonus and incentive allowance in favour of staff of Workshops/Production Units under CRJ pattern/GIS.
16/08/2016 Transfer policy causing difficulties to Group 'C' staff - Review urged.
12/08/2016 Increasing Promotion Quota percentages to the posts of Technician III in Diesel/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds on Indian Railways.
12/08/2016 Creation of the posts of Driver -cum-Technician in the Track Machine organization on Indian Railways.
11/08/2016 Unjustified and arbitrary enhancement of per capita charges for medical attendance and treatment of staff and their family members employed in Quasi Administrative Offices/Units, Co-operative Credit Societies and Banks etc.
11/08/2016 Industrial relations - Consideration of Charter of demands.
10/08/2016 Career Progression of Track Maintainers in Railways - full implementation of the report of Joint Committee.
10/08/2016 Denial of Overtime amount to AC Escorting Staff.
04/08/2016 Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC - Fitment Factor and Pay Fixation for Running Staff.
03/08/2016 Revamping and restructuring of Indian Railways Administrative setup by the Government-resentment among all cadres of Rail Workforce.
02/08/2016 Admissibility of House Rent Allowance in the event of non-acceptance or surrender of railway residential accommodation.
02/08/2016 Exemption from passing the Typewriting Test - DoP&T's instructions not implemented in Railways.
02/08/2016 All India General Strike by Central Trade Unions - 2nd September,2016.
02/08/2016 Government's acceptance of 7th CPC recommendations - Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme - reg.
01/08/2016 Applicability of Railway Service (Revised Pay) Rules 2008, for persons re-employed in railway Service after retirement from Defence Forces.
01/08/2016 Staff Benefit Fund - Amendment of provision relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund - Cahpter 8 of IREC Vol.I,1985 Edition (Second reprint Edition-2003).
01/08/2016 General Managers' Conference held on 28th July,2016.
01/08/2016 Regulation of MACPS in case of employees who seek unilateral transfer on own request-clarification
01/08/2016 Stepping up of pay of seniors drawing less pay than the juniors consequent on fixation of pay due to implementation of 6th CPC recommendation between Direct Recuits and Promotees - item No.8 and para no.20 & 21 of the Record Note of the meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council JCM held on 7th May,2014.
01/08/2016 Seventh CPC Report - Minimum wage and Multiplier Factor for Central Government Employees.
27/07/2016 Letter to Minister for Railways on Charter of Demands - Discussions held with Hon'ble Ministers on 30th June 2016.
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