Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
Office Order No: 07/2015 15/01/2015
Trade Union programme for the year-2015. 13/01/2015
139/2014 Special benefits in cases of death and disability in service. 10/01/2015
141/2014 One time relaxation in rules for leave encashment during service – Permission for leave encashment to Railway Employees who have failed to avail leave encashment during the previous blocks. 10/01/2015
148/2014 Introduction of provision for writing of APAR of all Railway employees working in PB-I 5200-20200 GP 1900. 10/01/2015
151/2014 Introduction of biometric attendance system on Indian Railways. 10/01/2015
150/2014 Implementations of recommendations of 6th CPC merger of grades. 10/01/2015
Non grant of financial upgradation under MACP scheme to the stock verifiers working in Zonal Railways/Pus-reg. 08/01/2015
Ministry of Railways constituted a One Man Committee to advise for making Railways more efficient and transparent and to suggest improvements in systems and procedures to bring in better efficiency,productivity and accountability. 07/01/2015
147/2014 Recognition of certificate/qualification of ITI upgraded as centre of excellence(COE). 05/01/2014
146/2014 Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance(FMA) to the Railway Pensioners/family pensioners-reg. 30/12/2014
/Case to case
Allotment of funds for the year 2014-15 for the scheme of calling Consultants on case to case basis for providing professional services to Railway Beneficiaries. 23/12/2014
143/2014 Revision of Training Modules for Supervisors of Drawing/Design Cadre of Electricl, Civil and S&T Departments. 23/12/2014
142/2014 Revision of Training Modules of Clerk Categories of Personnel Department. 23/12/2014
137/2014 Posting of Government employees who have differently abled dependents 23/12/2014
140/2014 Recognition of qualification for the purpose of employment on the railways. 23/12/2014
145/2014 Minimum educational qualification for open market recruitment to various posts on the Railways. 23/12/2014
135/2014 Forwarding of Gazette Notification NO.G.S.R.680(E) dated 22.09.2014, regarding revisionof rates of stipend for trade apprentices under the Apprentices Act,1961. 23/12/2014
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
15/01/2014 Grievances of Staff of Rail Wheel Plant, Bela/Chhapra
15/01/2014 List of representatives of National Joint Council of Action Programme (NJCA)
15/01/2014 National Joint Council of Action(NJCA) of central Government Employees organizations participating in the JCM-reg
13/01/2014 General Budget and Rail Budget – 2015-16 NFIR’s proposals for consideration-reg.
12/01/2014 Resulution adopted by NFIR working committee in its meeting held on 10th and 11th Dec-14.
08/01/2014 Shortest Pass Route - Android App Available Free of Cost
07/01/2015 Supply of subsided meal/food to the running staff in running rooms.
07/01/2015 Counting of service paid for contingencies with regular service for retirement benefits.
05/01/2014 Task force to give suggestion to improve productivity in Railways.
30/12/2014 General Managers Conference held in Rail Bhavan on 30/12/2014.
22/12/2014 Grant of residential card pass or one third concession season pass to the Railway Employees of Car shed at Velachery, MAS Division/SR-Reg.
22/12/2014 Dress regulations -2004 Uniform committee –modification-reg.
21/12/2014 PNM meeting between NFIR and Railway Board.-reg
21/12/2014 Financial help to the family of Shri Yashpal kanojia office staff of NFIR Secretariat, NDLS.-reg.
18/12/2014 NFIR Leadership meets Minister of Railways over FDI on 18th December 2014.
15/12/2014 Cadre Restructuring in Group 'C' cadres - Cashiers (Supervisory)
14/12/2014 National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) of Central Government Employees Organisations participating in the JCM
12/12/2014 Resolution adopted by the NFIR Working Committee in its meeting held on 10th & 11th December 2014 for launching united struggle
12/12/2014 National Holiday Allowance-Upward revision of rate-urged.
09/12/2014 High level committee to identify factors, issues and avenues for improving financial health of IR -reg
08/12/2014 Complaint box facilitating women employees to post their complaints for redressed.-reg
05/12/2014 Merger of Senior permanent Way supervisor( Sr.P.Way)with JE(P.Way) revised guidelines for induction to JE/P.Way.
05/12/2014 Arbitrary revision of norms for manning coaches by the ticket checking staff-reg.
04/12/2014 Opening of new branches by the recognized Unions of NFIR-URMU-reg.
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