Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
72/2016 Recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to Government Servants. 24/06/2016
74/2016 Grant of Study Leave for NIS Diploma course 23/06/2016
E(NG)I-2014/PM1/19 Selection for the post of Law Assistants in GP Rs.4600/- (PB-2). 23/06/2016
56/2016 clarification about educational qualification of Ex-Servicemen candidates. 23/06/2016
E(G)2016/AL 1-1 Amendment of Indian Railway Administration and Finance - Para 1021. 23/06/2016
71/2016 Recruitment of staff from open market in Pay Band-1 of Rs.5,200-20,200 having Grade Pay Rs.1800/- 22/06/2016
69/2016 Prescribed fees for open market recruitment conducted by Railway Recruitment Cells (RRCs)/Railway Recruitment Board (RRBs). 21/06/2016
Ministry of Railways constituted Programme Management Group (PMG) for preparation of the enterprise wide ICT Programme. 21/06/2016
Ministry of Railways constituted a committee for review of existing manufacturing capacity vis-a-vis requirement of different types of rolling stock. 21/06/2016
2016/O&M/10/4 Accounting Reforms Projects - Change in Designation. 21/06/2016
/Service Tax
Levy of Krishi Kalyan cess on the Service Tax leviable on transportation of passengers by rail. 21/06/2016
Extension to the scheme of "Honorary Visiting Specialists" in all the Railway Hospitals all over Indian Railways. 21/06/2016
64/2016 Admissibility of Qualification Pay to Appendix III qualified staff in the V and VI CPC from 01.01.1996 and 01.01.2006 or the date from which an individual elects to draw pay in the revised scale of pay under Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules,1997 and 2008. 21/06/2016
Summary Record Note of Discussions held by Adviser(Accounts) with Federation(NFIR) on 13.05.2016 on PNM/NFIR Item No.22/2012 : Grant of Incentive to the Accounts Stock Verifiers(ASVs) who have been posted from the cadre of Junior Accounts Assistant on passing Appendix-IV A (IREM) Examination. 11/06/2016
61/2016 Rates of Night Duty Allowances w.e.f. 01.01.2016. 10/06/2016
Engagement of Station Ticket Booking Agents (STBAs) Scheme at 'E' Category Station. 09/06/2016
/53 Policy(P)
Posting of staff in Ticket Checking squads. 09/06/2016
MR's Budget Announcement 2016-17 - Imparting behavioural training to licensed porters. 09/06/2016
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
24/06/2016 Exemption from passing the Typewriting Test - DoP&T's instructions not implemented in Railways.
23/06/2016 Yardstick for manpower planning for para-medical staff in Railway Hospitals - ECG Technician category.
22/06/2016 Wrongful/Excess payment made to the Government Employee - Recovery.
22/06/2016 Induction of Course completed Act Apprentices against Safety vacancies in GP 1800/- (PB-1).
22/06/2016 Unjustified stipulation of the condition on railway employees appointed against Scouts & Guides quota on the Railways - review requested.
09/06/2016 Manufacturing of Diesel and Electric Locos in the Production Units of Indian Railways.
09/06/2016 Charter of demands - Railway Employees Strike from 11th July' 2016.
09/06/2016 Grant of option for switching over to VI CPC Pay (Pay Band & Grade Pay) from the date subsequent to the date of grant of 3rd promotion.
09/06/2016 Payment of Hospital Patient Care Allowance/Patient Care Allowance (HPCA/PCA) to the Kitchen Staff working in the Railway Hospitals.
09/06/2016 Constitution of a Committee to review the existing system of reservation against Railway Privilege Passes/PTOs and exploring the feasibility of linking them with PRS.
07/06/2016 Quantum of debits to be raised in case of missing PRS Tickets/Rolls.
06/06/2016 Service of Strike Notice by NFIR Unions on the GMs of Zonal Railways/Production Units.
06/06/2016 Railway Board requested issue orders to permit Muslim Employees to leave early to observe Iftar.
05/06/2016 Service of Strike Notice by NFIR Unions on the GMs of Zonal Railways/Production units
03/06/2016 Restructuring of certain Group 'C' cadres - promotion benefit to the staff against vacancies existed as on 01/11/2013.
03/06/2016 Cases of compassionate appointment with-held on Zonal Railways.
03/06/2016 Restructuring of certain Group 'C' cadres - promotion benefit to the staff against vacancies existed as on 01/11/2013.
31/05/2016 Service of Strike Notice by NFIR Unions on the GMs of Zonal Railways/Production Units.
23/05/2016 Claims regarding payment of Travelling Allowance to the staff promoted under cadre restructuring w.e.f 01/11/2013 - case of North Western Railway.
23/05/2016 Alarmingly high vacancy position of Railway Doctors on Zones and Production Units.
20/05/2016 Recovery of wrongful/excess payments made to Government employees.
16/05/2016 Supply of subsidized meal/food to the Running Staff.
16/05/2016 Report of the Committee constituted to review the exisiting channel of promotion for Safaiwalas/Jamadars on Railways and providing them adequate improvement in promotion opportunities.
13/05/2016 National Seminar on Safety in Indian Railways - Role of S&T Department.
13/05/2016 Entitlement of various types of residential accommodations based on the revised Pay Scales recommended by 6th CPC.
12/05/2016 Appendix 3 IREM Examination of 2015 -results.
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