Latest Railway Board's Orders

RBE No Description Date
2016/H-1/25/ 1/Dental/Policy Extension to the arrangement relating to provision of reimbursement of expenditure incurred on the Dental treatment by Railway beneficiaries. 22/10/2016
ERB-I/2016/ 4/1 Railway Board Order upgrading the posts of Director,Pay Commission-II to Director General(Personnel); Director/Project(S&T) to Director General (Signal&Telecom); Director/Railway Stores(POL) to Director General (Railway Stores). 21/10/2016
124/2016 Fixation of pay and grant of increment in the revised pay structure - clarifications. 20/10/2016
E(P&A)II-2012/ DC/JCM/1 Merger of Dearness Allowance with the Basic Pay w.e.f.01-04-2004 - Computation of emoluments of Running Staff for granting retirement benefits. 20/10/2016
ERB-I/2016/ 23/56 Ministry of Railways have constituted a Committee to review Railway Board's Circular No.E(O)III/2014/PL/03 (Directing GMs and below to transfer officials and staff only on recommendation of a 3-member committee). 20/10/2016
ERB-I/2016/ 23/53 Ministry of Railways have constituted an Expert Committee to examine the report of 7th CPC with reference to para no.11.40.45. 20/10/2016
101/2016 Recommendation of 6th Central Pay Commission-Grant of Conveyance Allowance at the revised rates of Railway Medical Officers. 19/10/2016
PC-VII/2016/ DAC/1 Setting up of Departmental Anomaly Committee to settle anomalies arising out of the implementation of 7th Pay Commission's recommendations. 15/10/2016
119/2016 Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis in exigencies of services. 15/10/2016
38/37/2016 -P&PW(A) Minutes of the sixth meeting of the Committee set up to examine feasibility of implementation of recommendation of 7th CPC for revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners held on 06-10-2016. 15/10/2016
118/2016 Children Education Allowance - Clarification. 07/10/2016
117/2016 Contempt Petition (C) No.314/2016 in SLP (C) No. 4831/ 2012-Samta Andolan Samiti through President Vs.Sanjay Kothari & Others. 07/10/2016
2016/E(LR)III/ REF/NFIR/3 28th National Convention of NFIR at Railway Stadium, Maligaon, guwahati - 9th to 11th November,2016 - Special Casual Leave and Passes - Youth Conference. 06/10/2016
E(W)2016/ PS 5-8/1 Issue of Pensioner's Identity Card to pensioners. 05/10/2016
2016/E(LR)I/ NMI-5 PNM/NFIR meeting held on 19th & 20th May,2016 - minutes of the discussions on left over 13 items held by the Federation with ED(IR) on 27.09.2016. 04/10/2016
2016/E(LR)I/ NM 1-8 Next PNM Meeting of Railway Board with NFIR. 04/10/2016
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
18/10/2016 Revised number of General Body/General Council Members for 28th National Convention of NFIR to be held at Guwahati from 9th to 11th November,2016.
17/10/2016 Empanelment of private hospitals for referral purposes
17/10/2016 Meeting of the Committee set up to examine the feasibility of implementation of recommendation of 7th CPC for revisions of pension of pre-2016 pensioners.
15/10/2016 28th National Convention of NFIR - 9th to 11th November,2016 at Maligaon (Guwahati).
13/10/2016 Meetings of GS/NFIR with Hon'ble Minister of Railways on 10.10.2016 at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi at 15.00 hrs. MS, AM (Staff) and ED (IR) were present in the meeting.
12/10/2016 28th National Convention of NFIR - 9th to 11th November, 2016 at Maligaon (Guwahati) - PLEASE INFORM ABOUT SPECIAL TRAIN/COACHES IMMEDIATELY.
08/10/2016 General Verification of Membership of Trade Unions affiliated to CTUOs as on 31.12.2011 - Documents
07/10/2016 MESSAGE from GS/NFIR-Meeting of the Committee set up to examine feasibility of implementation of recommendations of 7th CPC for revision of pension of pre-2016 pensioners.
03/10/2016 Charter of demands - agreement reached with the Federations on Technicians category in Railways.
03/10/2016 Charter of demands discussed by the Federations with the Railway Board on 21st & 22nd July,2016.
30/09/2016 Upgradation of Junior Accounts Assistants GP 2800 to GP 4200 in Railways - Implementation of the VII CPC recommendations (para 11.62.15).
28/09/2016 Engagement of para-medical staff in Railway Hospital/Health Units on contract basis for 10 years.
28/09/2016 Yardstick for manpower planning for para-medical staff in Railway Hospitals-ECG Technician category.
28/09/2016 Constitution of Uniform Committee for redesigning present uniform for eligible categories of Railway employees having public interface.
27/09/2016 Pending PNM Items.
26/09/2016 International Transport Workers' Federation Action Week 20 from 3rd to 9th October,2016.
26/09/2016 Allotment of qualification related entry Pay Matrix - ECG Technicians in Railways.
26/09/2016 Optional use of Regional Language for answers in Departmental Tests and examinations for promotion of Group'C' Staff against 'Selection' and 'Non-Selection' posts - Denial of opportunity to answer Aptitude Test questions in regional language.
26/09/2016 Special Casual Leave to delegates for attending Annual General Meeting of Co-operative Credit Societies/Banks.
26/09/2016 Counting upgraded Group 'D' posts in scale Rs.3050-4590, GP 1900/- (PB01) in Diesel/Electric Loco/EMU Sheds for cadre restructuring.
26/09/2016 Improvement in the Educational Qualification and the Pay Structure for the category of Medical Laboratory Staff in Railways.
25/09/2016 28th National Convention of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) at Railway Stadium, Maligaon, Guwahati to be held on 09th to 11th November,2016.
23/09/2016 28th National Convention of NFIR at Railway Stadium, Maligaon, Guwahati (Assam) - 9th to 11th November,2016.
22/09/2016 Accumulation of NFIR's PNM Items due to non-finalization.
22/09/2016 Cadre restructuring in Group 'C' Cadres - Cashiers (Supervisory).
22/09/2016 Exemption from passing the Typewriting Test - DoP&T's instructions not implemented in Railways.
22/09/2016 Upgradation of Grade Pay for the staff of Medical and Para-Medical services in the Railways - Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.
21/09/2016 28th National Convention of National Federation of Indian Railwaymen(NFIR) - Women's Conference -9th to 11th November,2016 - Rang Bhawan (within Railway Stadium Complex), Maligaon, Guwahati (N.F.Railway).
20/09/2016 Securing of Vehicles/Loads/Trains/Locomotives at stations and in block section.
12/09/2016 Upgradation of posts in the Railways recommended by 7th CPC - Clearance of DOPT.
12/09/2016 Grant of GP 6600/- in PB3 as 3rd MACP to Nursing Personnel in Railways.
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