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RBE No Description Date
2017/E(LR)I /NM1-10 Record Note of Discussions held by DG(RHS) with NFIR in the chamber of DG(RHS) on 08.11.2017 on ONM/NFIR Item Nos.41/2016, 46-B/2016, (8/2017 & 26/2017), 17.2017 and 25/2017. 15/11/2017
E(NG)I-2014 /PM1/12 Record note of Discussions held by AM(Mechanical), AM(Electrical) and EDE(N) with NFIR in the chamber of AM(Mechanical) on 10.11.2017 on PNM/NFIR Item No.21/2015 - Trade Test for promotion in Artisan categories. 15/11/2017
165/2017 Implementation of the recommendations of 7th CPC - Additional House Rent Allowance (HRA) for Railway employees serving in the states of North Eastern Region, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands and Ladakh. 15/11/2017
164/2017 Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of the 7th Pay commission on CCS(Extraordinary Pension) Rules,1939 - Constant Attendant Allowance. 14/11/2017
E(P&A)II-2015 /RS-25 Pay element relating to Running Staff/Loco Inspectors after recommendation of 7th CPC. 13/11/2017
Office Memo. House Building Advance Rules (HBA) - 2017. 12/11/2017
2017/Trans/ 01/Policy Corrigendum Slip No 1 to enhanced delegation of Powers to GMs and DRMs conveyed vide Letter No. 2017/Trans/01/Policy dated 18.10.2017. 12/11/2017
73/2017 Guidelines for fixation of pay of candidates working in Public Sector Undertakings etc,, recommended for appointment by the commission by the method of recruitment by selection. 12/11/2017
161/2017 Adoption of clarification issued by Ministry of Finance regarding modifications of Level - 13 of Pay Matrix. 12/11/2017
2017/0&M/3/6 Organizational Structure under CAO/C. 11/11/2017
2017/Elect.(TRS) /225/1(PNM) Item No 49/2016 of PNM/NFIR - Provision of Invertors/Solar Energy System in Electric Locos to avoid discomfort to loco crew during shut down periods of locos. 11/11/2017
2017/Trans/ 01/Policy Delegation of Powers to GMs & DRMs 09/11/2017
138/2017 Travelling Allowance Rules - Implementation of the recommendation of Seventh Central Pay Commission 09/11/2017
144/2017 Revised rates of stipend to Special Class Railway Apprentices. 09/11/2017
132/2017 Clarification on'Inter- Divisional transfer of Sportspersons recruited against sports quota, within the Railway. 09/11/2017
93/2017 Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 - Schedules for Revised Scales of Pay. 09/11/2017
152/2017 Filling up Non-gazetted posts on Railways - Classification of posts as Safety Categories in in Civil Engineering Department. 09/11/2017
2017/E(LR)I /NM1-3 PNM Meeting of Railway Board with NFIR to be held on 13th & 14th November,2017. 09/11/2017
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Date NFIR References to Railway Board
12/11/2017 Implementation of recommendations of Seventh Central Pay Commission accepted by the Government - Payment of National Holiday Allowance to non-gazetted Staff in Pay Level 9 and 10 on Indian Railways.
12/11/2017 Meeting held with the Chairman, Railway Board Shri Ashwani Lohani on 17th October, 2017
09/11/2017 Erroneous procedure followed by the Central Railway Administration for promotion to the post of Sr.Technician (former MCM).
08/11/2017 Implementation of cadre restructuring in the gazetted setup of Information Technology cadre on Indian Railways
08/11/2017 Allotment of Qualification related Pay Matrix - ECG Technicians in Railways.
31/10/2017 Revision of Kilometrage rates and other Allowances for Running Staff in the wake of implementation of 7th CPC pay structure.
13/10/2017 25th November 2017 - United Nations (UN) Day for the Elimination of Voilence against Women (ITF Letter).
13/10/2017 Provision of cooking facilities and other amenities in the Rest Rooms for Ticket Checking Staff on Indian Railways.
13/10/2017 Promotional Avenue of ESM in S&T Department.
13/10/2017 Undertaking journey on alternative routes on Privilege/Complimentary Passes by Railway employees (Serving & Retired) - Proper implementation of extant pass rules.
13/10/2017 Need for restoration of discontinued Allowances - Daily Officiating Allowance to staff in Railways.
13/10/2017 Hard working conditions and inadequate training infrastructure-S&T Staff put to serve hardship-Remedial action requested.
13/10/2017 Government e-Marketplace (GeM): Review Meeting held on 06/10/2017 - Arbitrary decision for "Preparation for closure of Printing Press" - Item No.3. - Letter addressed to Chairman, Railway Board.
13/10/2017 Additional workload on Keyman-Correction Slip No.58 & 73 to Para 170(6) of IRPWM.
13/10/2017 Government e-Marketplace (GeM): Review Meeting held on 06/10/2017 - Arbitrary decision for "Preparation for closure of Printing Press" - Item No.3. - Letter addressed to Min. of Railways.
10/10/2017 ITF Women Transport Worker's Conference to be held in Marrakech (Morocco) on 7th to 8th November,2017.
04/10/2017 Deterioration of quality and efficiency of Workshops due to non-filling of vacancies - immediate intervention - requested.
03/10/2017 Risk and Hardship Allowance - coverage of Safety category staff such as Pointsmen, Gate Keepers, Operating Staff working in Yard etc., Electrical Staff in TRD, Staff of AC Coaches, EMUs,Electrical Workshops & staff working in General Services (Power and Train lighting) and staff of S&T Department in Railways.
03/10/2017 Staff victimization by invoking Rule 14 (ii) of Railway Servants (D&A) Rules, 1968 - Kind intervention for restoration - urged.
03/10/2017 Bench Mark of "Very Good" introduced for granting Modified Assured Career Progression for the Railway employees.
03/10/2017 Upgradation of posts in the Railways recommended by 7th CPC - Clearance of DoP&T and Ministry of Finance.
27/09/2017 Revision of rates of Over Time Allowance for Railway employees - Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations.
23/09/2017 Joint Communication of Railway Federations/Associations in response to Final Report of Bibek Debroy Committee.
20/09/2017 Special Allowance to Nurses working in Operation Theatre/Intensive Care Unit - revision of Allowances.
20/09/2017 Thirty Percent (30%) add on pay element to the retired/retiring Loco Inspectors for reckoning pensionary benefits.
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